Center for School Improvement Leadership Institute
November 27, 2017

Creating Safe and Welcoming School Communities Through Positive School Climate and Culture

January 18-20, 2018 | New York City

The American Federation of Teachers' Center for School Improvement and the United Federation of Teachers Teacher Center, are partnering again to deliver an institute on collaboration skills for labor-management and community teams to transform schools and communities.

Participating teams should include:

  1. School-level union representatives, parents, community partners, principals, teachers, stu-dents, paras, members of school improvement teams and individuals with day-to-day responsibility for supporting school-level redesign;
  2. Union leadership or staff assigned to support redesign at both the school and district levels;
  3. District personnel who share responsibility for facilitating transformation in multiple schools jointly identified by the district and union; and
  4. District/Community: parent leaders or liaisons, board members, elected officials, elected student representatives, and community leaders aof district-level school improvement teams.
Participants will discover new strategies, tools, and processes that will strengthen collaborative team leadership as well as help make schools, districts, and communities safe and welcoming.QUESTIONS? Email