MASE TURN Fall 2013 Conference: Disorganizing to Organize

November 3, 2013

Raleigh, NC (Oct 18-19, 2013) ~ A small but determined group of teacher leaders and their district/community partners met to address the theme of "Strengthening Teacher Voice to Improve Teaching & Learning."

A keynote: "The Lay of the Land" was provided by Tim Dedman, NEA

Disorganizing to Organize: Strengthening Teacher Voice to Improve Teaching & Learning

Saturday, October 19 (10:00am-5:00pm)Sunday, October 20 (9:00am-2:30pm)

Sheraton Raleigh Hotel

Our goal is to expand the capacity of MASE TURN locals to support classroom teachers in their efforts to improve teaching practice and student learning. We encourage participation by teams comprised of teacher leaders or teacher leaders and their community partners.

~ Sessions ~

The Lay of the Land ~ Tim Dedman, NEA

Organizing Initiative – Case Study: Center for Teaching Quality ~ Alesha Daughtrey, CTQ and Wendi Pillars, K-5 Literacy Teacher, ELL, Chatham Co, NC

a. Introducing CTQ and a vision for teacher leadership

b. Modeling the Teacher Solutions process through the Common Core

c. Using Virtual tools to extend our collaboration

d. Q and A and next steps

Organizing Initiative - Case Study: The Parent-Teacher Home Visit Project

Carrie Rose, Executive Director, Nancy Fong, Teacher Leader, Yesenia Gonzalez, Parent

a. Overview and purpose

b. Key elements

c. Impact

d. Organizing & Communication

Organizing for MASE TURN ~ Amy Dobbert, MASE TURN Virtual Community Organizer

Local Profile Team Activity Needs Assessment: Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities ~ Mary McDonald, Facilitator

NEA Organizing Strategies for Change: Team Planning ~ Linda Bacon, NEA

Lessons Learned and Planning Forward: Team Planning ~ facilitation & support provided by Regional TURN consultants and critical friends

Action Plan Sharing ~ Amy Dobbert, MASE TURN Virtual Community Organizer

Next Steps for Locals, States and MASE TURN ~ Mary McDonald, Facilitator with Rick Baumgartner, David Schutten and Paul Goodland