Union-led Education Policies and Programs

January 22, 2018

Southwest TURN’s fall meeting held in Denver, Colorado, was designed to intertwine diverse examples of local union practices with the current issues and initiatives. The November meeting included a terrific presentation from JCEA President John Ford who opened the meeting showcasing the work of JeffCo’s Community High School. Participants then explored how ESSA funds could be used for community schools.

Local unions presented about their struggles and successes:

  • San Antonio shared their efforts linked to SB4, the Texas “show me your papers” anti-immigrant bill.
  • Albuquerque explained the proactive work to protect the Next Generation Science standards from extreme right-wing influences.
  • Clark County, Nevada, provided a fascinating update of how they are using ESSA to create and support school teams and school-based decisions
  • Pikes Peak and Commerce City, Colorado, described their teacher-led PD efforts.

Participants also explored the proactive work of Student Centered Advocacy and Bargaining for the Common Good, as well as sobering session on the Janus Supreme Court Case and the implications for all unions across the country.