Labor-Management Collaboration Impact

Dr. Rubinstein's research focuses on the impact of changes in work organization on firms and unions, including schools, districts and unions. Several districts engaged in the Teacher Union Reform Network have participated in the study.

Union-District Partnerships that Support School Level Collaboration

October 12, 2016

Video 5 of 5 Dr. Saul Rubinstein joins Dr. Patrick Dolan in discussing the need for strong union-district partnerships that provide opportunities to jointly listen and learn about school improvement efforts in school sites in ways that strengthen and support teaching and learning in classrooms. Dr.

Building Collaborative Structures: A Systems Approach

October 12, 2016

Video 4 of 5 Dr. Patrick Dolan provides an overview of how to establish an organizational change process in school systems through union-management partnerships in schools and districts. School and district level “learning teams” linked to the work of subject and grade level collaboration teams provide listening and learning opportunities that help to create authentic goals and measures to track and commu...

How to Build Collaborative Processes Focuses on Student Learning

October 12, 2016

Video 3 of 5 Using Michael Fullan’s Coherence Framework, Dr. W. Patrick Dolan and Dr. Saul Rubinstein, explore how organizations develop collaborative structures and processes to set direction and goals for the school. These common goals increase both ownership and accountability among students and staff in ways that can enhance instructional practices and student learning.

Building a Culture of Collaboration Focused on Teaching & Learning

October 12, 2016

Video 2 of 5 Dr. W. Patrick Dolan uses Michael Fullan’s Coherence Framework to describe how collaborative structures and processes help to establish and clarify improvement goals, measurements and accountability in ways that enable practitioners to focus on pedagogy and student learning. Dr.

The Impact of Labor-Management Collaboration

October 12, 2016

Video 1 of 5 Dr. Saul Rubinstein, Rutgers University, and his colleague Dr. John McCarthy, Cornell University, have been leading a national research project to investigate the impact of labor-management collaboration (LMC) on student learning.